It was just pointed out to me that except for my first three blog posts, none of my posts have been published, and only I could view them.

This was unbeknownst to me.

So here they all are. Enjoy.

Sorry for the backblog.

Ben Folts
The Demon Blogger of 20th Street

No... I didn't go see Sweeney Todd... that title has a different association which I will get to later.



SHOWCASE! That happened.

It went well!  It's done! Yay! 

Regardless of what comes out of it, I'm pleased. I got to have a fun, final performance with my classmates, and I got to see a lot of my friends who I haven't seen since they graduated.


Before showcase, I realized I needed to get a haircut... So I went to a barbershop and gave very clear instructions... They were not followed.

It's not a bad haircut...  It's just much shorter (and colder) than what I asked for.

To be entirely honest, the only reason I'm mentioning it is because I was pleased with title for the blog.  If you haven't realized, the main reason I write this blog is to work the word "blog" into as many phrases as physically blogsible.

The clock just turned!  Exactly 1 month until I graduate!

How time blogs when you're having blog.

Ben Folts
Bloglight Savings Time

Sigh.. today is the sad day light savings time...  I haven't really noticed yet because it's still Sunday.  But I'll feel it tomorrow.

But! Daylight savings time does mean spring is on its way! Snow drops are coming in!  The weathers getting nicer!  (I won't say "nice" yet but nicer) so I've gotten to explore more and more parks.   I got to go to the Cloisters with my sister as I mentioned last time. But since then I've been to several others.

I took the A up to Inwood and got to explore Inwood park.  This park is wonderful. It's the first place I've been in the city, that, once I got deep enough.  I didn't feel like I was in the city anymore. Couldn't see buildings, hear cars.  Just trees.  Most of the park isn't paved.  Inwood is much more a hiking trail, which suits me fine.  I little off the beaten path, I found a broken old street lamp.  I was feeling artsy-fartsy, and a had my special smart phone so I took a picture.


I'm fancy.

I've also gotten to explore Highbridge Park.  Its much closer than Inwood.  I just have to cut east from my apartment and I end up right there.  There's a nice long path along the Harlem river.  This path is paved, but there are several less beaten roads that branch off.  On one such road, as I was climbing over a particularly rocky section, and beginning to wonder if this, in fact, was not area where people were meant to get to, I discovered a park bench, bolted to the ground on a rocky outcropping overlooking the river.  It's become one of my favorite places to read.

Most recently, when the Subway was being particularly crowed/slow over the weekend, I decided to get off a few stops early on my back to the apartment.  When I say a few stops early I mean that I got off at 72nd street instead of 172nd.  It came out right next to an entrance to the Greenway, the path that extends the length of Manhattan's west side.  From where I was I could clearly see The George Washington bridge in the distance, which is right where are apartment is.  There's something incredibly satisfying seeing a landmark that far away, and walking in a beeline towards it.  It was a gorgeous day.  The sunlight was glittering of the Hudson, and lot of people were biking, walking, rollarblading, or having lunch along the path.  As I approached the end of my journey (I want to say I was about parallel with 145th?) I found "The Sisyphus Stones".  Which are really cool.  For about a 100 ft stretch along the path, some on has taken hundreds of tall, slender stones, and placed them upright along the coast.  On top of each stone, they've balanced two or three other rocks, using no adhesive or bondage or anything.  Just pure balance.  They were facsinating.  There was, however, a large sign saying to keep children out of the area, so I thought it was best if I kept my distance.

I, probably should stop blogging and go to bed.  I have to get up and hour early tomorrow.

Once more unto the blog, dear friends, once more.

Ben Folts
A Trip to Little Bloguyana

So, last weekend was Presidents Day weekend, which meant that I had Monday off.  But! I was not the only one with Monday off.  My sister, an elementary school music teacher, also had a long weekend, so she was able to visit me and my New York apartment for the first time.

We of course did many things over the three days we had together in New York. We enjoyed breakfast at the same Central American Diner that I've mentioned in my blog before, we got to visit The Cloisters, and explore Fort Tryon Park, we got to see the Grateful Dead musical, Red Roses Green Gold (cast by SKC). But, for me, personally, the highlight of this the weekend was our trip to Little Guyana.

So, a bit of backstory....

Most of you probably won't need this, since if you're reading this there's a 98.7% chance that you're related to me (and thus my sister), but I'm going to give it anyway.

As I said, my sister is an elementary school music teacher, but the two years before she started doing that, she taught music at the Guyana Lutheran Music Academy in Guyana, South America.

Guyana is a country on the east coast of the South American continent. It's the only country in South America whose national language is English. Culturally, (and, importantly to the Folts family, culinarily) there's a lot of influence from the Caribbean islands and India.

My sister and I we're ecstatic to find that if you ride the A train to it's very end, it will drop you smack dab in the middle of an area known as Little Guyana.  Little Guyana is an area in Queens, that spans for a bit over a mile along Liberty Avenue.  When you walk off the subway you see that everything looks like Guyana, everything smells like Guyana, everything even sounds like Guyana-and you momentarily become very confused as to why everyone is wearing winter coats, when they live basically on top of the equator.


We stocked up in grocery stores. I got a large container of curry powder, and we found chana (spiced dried chickpeas) that was for some reason kept in a glass bottle.  We also found a large bag of my favorite cereal, that I have not been able to find in the Heights. Honey Nut Scooters. Mult-O-Meal all the way!


After thoroughly exploring every single grocery store we came across, we stopped in Singh's Roti Shop.

And feasted.


We had chicken curry, black pudding, chicken liver, pholourie, and jalebi.


We were happy campers

The leftovers lasted us the rest of the weekend

However, that was last weekend. My sister has left New York City. I am left alone with my roommates. One of whom is pictured here. He just decided he wanted a one in the morning snack of orange juice, and I don't think he realizes I am sitting on the couch. He was lit so beautifully by the refrigerator I simply couldn't resist I couldn't resist taking a deep symbolical picture of him. 


I am an arteest.

On that note. Have a good night. or. Morning I suppose.

Onward and blogward.

Ben Folts