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I've been in New York for exactly three weeks today.   And during that time, something incredible happened. Yes-


That's right, bed frame, mattress, fitted sheets, quilts, pillows, the works.  I've also unloaded all of the boxes of kitchen supplies into the cupboards.  So I actually have a living space.  Still a little cluttered, but I'll be getting it in order soon so- pictures to come.

My parents visited this weekend (the first time my father got to see my apartment in person) and brought with them my sewing machine and sewing table, and a good amount of my puppet supplies, so soon I'll be able to start some projects in my free time.


This was really the first weekend I got to explore the Washington Heights area, since two weekends ago it was the bomb cyclone, and last weekend I was still getting moved in.  My parents and I went to a DELICIOUS Central American restaurant for breakfast.  I had a platter that consisted of two eggs, salsa, sausage, rice, beans, fried plantains, cream, a hunk of goat cheese and half an avocado.  I was a millennial and took a picture.

I've come the the conclusion that a genie resides on the corner of Broadway and 183rd.  I was in need of fitted sheets (for my BED), so my mother suggested we make a stop at Target to get one.  Unfortunately, we lost track of time, and found ourselves walking up Fort Washington, still exploring The Heights, realizing that we didn't have time to get to Target before we had to meet friends for dinner. No less than two minutes after this had dawned on us, we turned a corner, and there was a man with a table on the corner, selling wonderfully comfortable, 800 thread-count bed sheets, in a lovely blue and purple paisley that don't-match my red and yellow paisley non-fitted sheet perfectly.

I am choosing to believe that if the phase of the moon is right, I take the right path down Fort Washington, and I truly believe- a wide selection of my hearts desire will be on display in flea-market stall for under twenty dollars.

That's all for now.  I'm going to utilize my new sheets.

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