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Good Evening, Blogosphere! 

Here I am.  On my blog.  In New York.  Not in Hershey.  Not in Westerville.  Without a flip-phone, without a bed, without a clue. Blogging.

Here I blog.

As an introduction... although I'm not sure who I'm introducing myself to, since I'm guessing if you know about this blog you probably know me...  But just in case!

Hello. My name is Ben Folts. (those of you who I don't need to introduce myself to, know the exact intonation and tempo that sentence would have been said in, and are currently making fun of me for it)  I'm an actor and a puppeteer, who, up until very recently, lived in Hershey, Pennsylvania, attended classes in Westerville Ohio at Otterbein University, and used a flip-phone with two googly eyes attached to it.  But, times, they are a-changing.

Now, I am resident of Washington Heights, on Manhattan Island, in New York City, New York, about to begin an internship at Stephanie Klapper Casting, who uses a smartphone with two googly eyes attached to it. And here I am a-blogging.

I am sharing a lovely New York apartment, with a lovely view of the famous New York random cement wall (we live on the basement level), with 3 good friends, named JT, Julianne and Lauren.

I have a nice bedroom! Well... it's 6 feet by 19 feet... I have a nice bed-hallway! Well... I don't have a bed yet.... I have a nice hallway! Well... the entire thing is so full of boxes of kitchen supplies that I can't put in the cupboards because all of my room mates thought it would be good to bring kitchen supplies too, so theres no room in the cupboards....

I have a hallway!

But my hallway contains something very precious to me. THAT'S RIGHT ITS

A kinda broken, beat-up bookshelf that I just found sitting by the side of the road. I am positively ecstatic.   People always say that there's trash everywhere in New York.  But I never realized exactly what that means- THERE'S TRASH EVERYWHERE IN NEW YORK!  IT'S INCREDIBLE.  My puppeteer radar for broken umbrellas, and cardboard and whatever else I can find is bouncing of the walls!  Of course... I guess that's what radar always does in a way...

bloggity blog blog blog

I have just made my self a large pot of split pea soup that'll be my lunch for the week. But now, I am going to bed. No I'm not....

Now, I am going to couch.

Tomorrow I begin my first day at SKC, and my first full day in New York.

So, in summary-

Here I am.  Getting off my blog.  Not in Hershey.  Not in Westerville.  But in New York.  With a smartphone, an internship, a hallway of my own and a pot of split pea soup. Ending my Blog.

bloggidy blog.

~Ben Folts