Blog from Away


Happy Blogentines Day!

So, last week, I had the incredible experience of getting to see Come From Away on Broadway.  So much, much, much, thanks to Randy Adams, who was able to get my entire class tickets to see this wonderful show.

I was seated in the second row.  With this show in particular, that was incredible. (I'm sorry I need to get a thesaurus, I'm using the word "incredible" a lot.) All of the choreography in the show was so grounded and rooted in the earth- It felt like the stomps of the actors and musicians were reverberating right through me.

It was just such a beautiful story. A brilliant example of finding light and humor and happiness and community in the darkest of times.

I have to admit, that show has really been the highlight since my last blog post, so I don't have much more to report.

It's Valentine's Day, so of course I am writing to my lovely blog audience. My true love's. I have to admit I'm not entirely sure who you are, other than my relatives, perhaps a few people from Derry Presbyterian Church, and my professors who are required to to read this.

That's all for now.

Live blog and prosper.

Ben Folts