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Happy Blogentines Day!

So, last week, I had the incredible experience of getting to see Come From Away on Broadway.  So much, much, much, thanks to Randy Adams, who was able to get my entire class tickets to see this wonderful show.

I was seated in the second row.  With this show in particular, that was incredible. (I'm sorry I need to get a thesaurus, I'm using the word "incredible" a lot.) All of the choreography in the show was so grounded and rooted in the earth- It felt like the stomps of the actors and musicians were reverberating right through me.

It was just such a beautiful story. A brilliant example of finding light and humor and happiness and community in the darkest of times.

I have to admit, that show has really been the highlight since my last blog post, so I don't have much more to report.

It's Valentine's Day, so of course I am writing to my lovely blog audience. My true love's. I have to admit I'm not entirely sure who you are, other than my relatives, perhaps a few people from Derry Presbyterian Church, and my professors who are required to to read this.

That's all for now.

Live blog and prosper.

Ben Folts
The Little Red Bloghouse

blog. Blog blog blog. Blooooooooooooog.

So last weekend a cool thing happened. We were not having a cyclone bomb. The weather was nice, and sunny, and lovely And...It was a weekend!

I was able to do something I have been meaning to do since the first couple of days that I moved into our apartment.  We are only a hop skip and about a half hour walk away from the George Washington Bridge. Which, at the base of, as some people know if they were children in the 40s or 50s, or they were Watchers of Reading Rainbow, you can find the little red lighthouse.

So, last Saturday I bundled myself up and went on a journey. I found a path that cut under the road, where I found this really interesting Art Exhibit that was made of garbage. I momentarily got very excited, thinking that I had just found a treasure trove of interesting junk, before I realize that it had all been set there with a actual purpose.


The path eventually connected with The Greenway, which is a path that extends all along the west side of the island, along the Hudson.  That's something I plan to explore in the near future, when I have time and the weather is warmer. After about thirty minutes I came to The Little Red Lighthouse and utilized my new smartphone (that I'm sure at some point within the next four years I will stop thinking of as my new smartphone) and took a "selfie". I have, in fact, enclosed said selfie.

Blogging.... Back in Blog.... Blog and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution.... Hell's Blogs....   Sorry, I'm listening to AC/DC while I write my blog posts. What can I say? I'm decadent.

Also! More exciting developments- Yesterday, we finally received in the mail some documentation that proved that we are residents of New York which means... Drum roll please...



This makes me exceptionally excited.


There are 92 libraries in the New York Public Library system. Now, some of those are research branch libraries. However, I love libraries.

I. Love. Libraries.

I think I'm going to make it a goal to visit as many libraries as I physically can, as well as as many parks as I physically can.

Perhaps, I will document those experiences in these blog posts. But, most likely not. I'm not a very organized person. You can probably tell that by reading these blog posts. On that note, please forgive the numerous typos that I am sure are abundant on these web pages.

blog blog blog blog blog blog blog. Given the Blog a Bone....  Blog to Thrill.

That's all I have to blog about for now, I think...

Carry on my blogward son.

Sorry... that wasn't AC/DC.


Ben Folts
The Only Living Blog in New York

I have had... SO much Simon and Garfunkel stuck in my head since I got to the city...

A Heart in New York

Bleeker Street

The 59th Street Bridge Song

The Only Living Boy in New York

A Poem on the Underground Wall...

It feels like every time I see a street sign or use basic transportation I'm triggered....

I've been in New York for exactly three weeks today.   And during that time, something incredible happened. Yes-


That's right, bed frame, mattress, fitted sheets, quilts, pillows, the works.  I've also unloaded all of the boxes of kitchen supplies into the cupboards.  So I actually have a living space.  Still a little cluttered, but I'll be getting it in order soon so- pictures to come.

My parents visited this weekend (the first time my father got to see my apartment in person) and brought with them my sewing machine and sewing table, and a good amount of my puppet supplies, so soon I'll be able to start some projects in my free time.


This was really the first weekend I got to explore the Washington Heights area, since two weekends ago it was the bomb cyclone, and last weekend I was still getting moved in.  My parents and I went to a DELICIOUS Central American restaurant for breakfast.  I had a platter that consisted of two eggs, salsa, sausage, rice, beans, fried plantains, cream, a hunk of goat cheese and half an avocado.  I was a millennial and took a picture.

I've come the the conclusion that a genie resides on the corner of Broadway and 183rd.  I was in need of fitted sheets (for my BED), so my mother suggested we make a stop at Target to get one.  Unfortunately, we lost track of time, and found ourselves walking up Fort Washington, still exploring The Heights, realizing that we didn't have time to get to Target before we had to meet friends for dinner. No less than two minutes after this had dawned on us, we turned a corner, and there was a man with a table on the corner, selling wonderfully comfortable, 800 thread-count bed sheets, in a lovely blue and purple paisley that don't-match my red and yellow paisley non-fitted sheet perfectly.

I am choosing to believe that if the phase of the moon is right, I take the right path down Fort Washington, and I truly believe- a wide selection of my hearts desire will be on display in flea-market stall for under twenty dollars.

That's all for now.  I'm going to utilize my new sheets.

Hakuna Mablogga


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